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"Small gifts which make a big difference"

The “Aid Donations” campaign run by HEKS features 41 gifts with a conscience. The special thing is that each gift is given twice, once in the form of a certificate to the person to whom you are giving the gift, and once in the form of actual aid to needy people all over the world. You could give a box of worms or a pit latrine, for example, or maybe a beehive, bricks or a loom. The donation would help a weaver family in Bangladesh to get started on their way to a better life and to leave poverty behind.
Each gift is allocated to a fund. Depending on the gift selected, the donation goes into one of six funds, each earmarked for a specific purpose. The funds correspond to the areas of focus identified by HEKS which are development of rural communities, promotion of peace, humanitarian aid, interchurch aid, social integration, and advocacy for socially disadvantaged people.

The gifts can be selected from the gift catalogue or the online shop.


2013 Advico Young & Rubicam, Zurich CH | Creativ Director: Martin Stulz, Dominik Oberwiler | Art Director: Annik Weber | Copy Writer: Marion Lim |
Photography: Schaubstierli | Compositing: AschmannKlauser, Design: Jeremy Küng, Anna Röthlisberger